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Publishing Historical Records Grant

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The National Historical Publications and Records Commission seeks proposals to publish historical records of national significance. This grant is open to municipalities and local non-profit organizations.

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Projects may focus on the papers of major figures from American life or cover broad historical movements in politics, military, business, social reform, the arts, and other aspects of the national experience. The historical value of the records and their expected usefulness to broad audiences must justify the costs of the project.

Grants are awarded for collecting, describing, preserving, compiling, editing, and publishing documentary source materials. Because of the focus on documentary sources, grants do not support preparation of critical editions of published works unless such works are just a small portion of the larger project.

The NHPRC does not fund proposals to purchase historical records; it also does not fund proposals to publish the papers of anyone who has been deceased for fewer than ten years.

Eligible Activities Include:

    * Scholarly documentary editions in printed and bound volumes.
    * Scholarly documentary editions in online and other formats.
    * Image editions in online, microfilm, and other formats.
    * Conversion of existing print and microfilm editions to electronic publications.
    * Combinations of the above.

A publishing project that has received NHPRC support can apply for a grant for a new or subsequent stage of that project. These proposals must demonstrate that they have successfully completed the performance objectives associated with previous NHPRC grant awards. Proposals must be substantially updated, including a description of the new activities and a justification of the new budget. The applicant must describe the extent to which the project met its performance objectives under its most recent grant.

Applicants not previously funded may apply for a grant to begin a historical documents publishing project. These applications are considered with other proposals and will be judged by the same criteria as others in that competition. All applicants should be aware that the application process is highly competitive.

For a comprehensive list of Commission's limitations on funding, please see What We Do and Do Not Fund.
Award Information

Applicants may apply for funding up to three years. Applicants should be aware that the Commission normally awards grants on an annual basis; subsequent funding is conditioned on previous years' project performance. Award amounts ordinarily range from $20,000 to $250,000 annually. The Commission expects to make as many as 35-40 grants in this category, for a total of up to $4,500,000.

In accordance with Federal regulations, the Commission reserves, for Federal Government purposes, a royalty-free, non-exclusive, and irrevocable license to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use the work and authorize others to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use the work that results from each grant.

The Commission requires that grant recipients acknowledge NHPRC grant assistance in all publications and other products that result from its support.

    * United States nonprofit organizations or institutions with IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status
    * Colleges, universities, and other academic institutions
    * State or local government agencies
    * Federally-acknowledged or state-recognized Native American tribes or groups

Applicant organizations must be registered in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) prior to submitting an application, maintain CCR registration throughout the application and award process, and include a valid DUNS number in their application. Details on CCR registration and requesting a DUNS number can be found at the Central Contractor Registration website.

Ineligible applications will not be reviewed.
Cost Sharing

Cost sharing is required. Cost sharing is the financial contribution the applicant pledges to the cost of a project. Cost sharing can include both direct and indirect expenses, in-kind contributions, non-Federal third-party contributions, and any income earned directly by the project. The Commission ordinarily provides no more than 50 per cent of total project costs for Publishing Historical Records projects.

Application and Submission Information

Applicants should follow the instructions on how to fill out the online forms and apply electronically using the Application Instructions for information on how to fill out the application forms.

The NHPRC generally requires that grant applications be submitted via Grants.gov. In the event that Grants.gov is experiencing technical difficulties that prevent submission, applicants must first attempt to resolve the issue with the Grants.gov Contact Center (800-518-4726). If Grants.gov cannot solve the problem, applicants may request an alternative. To make use of the NHPRC backup system, applicants must contact Jeff de la Concepcion (202-357-5022) no later than 3:00 PM Eastern Time on the day of the deadline with their valid Grants.gov Contact Center trouble-ticket number.

A complete application includes the Application for Federal Assistance (Standard Form 424), Assurances -- Non-Construction Programs (Standard Form 424B), a Project Narrative, Summary, Supplementary Materials, and Budget. In order to ensure eligibility, applicants should first review the Federal grant administration rules and regulations governing grants from the NHPRC listed in the Administering an NHPRC Grant section



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