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Vouchers or Not?

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The question of Governor Corbett\'s voucher plan being supported or not was very clear. Read more below.

The response to this was swift and clear, 25% support vouchers, 68% do not and 7% were unsure.

Comments on Question

A loud resounding NO

Anything to break the tenure system that encourages teachers to phone it in for 20 years before retiring in style.  Every out-of-date, burnt out teachers who keeps their job because of tenure is stealing from our children.  Like every other industry, there should be turnover as people realize they're not very good at.

Most of this money will be wasted on horrible home schooling or awful Charter schools.

One of the biggest threats to PA public schools are charter and/or cyber schools.  They have none of the restrictions that are placed on public schools and there is no accountability within the charter/cyber schools.  Yet PA public schools have to pay tuition for their students to attend these charter/cyber schools so they can get a below-average education.  Where is the logic in that?

Absolutly, a marvelous idea.  I had someone say to me why should my taxes go toward your private school.  I said if my daughter attended public school then your tax money would be going to that as well just like the tax money I pay goes to public school and not my daughter's education.

Do the math.  It won't work as advertised!

Vouchers are unconsitutional, unwelcome, untimely, unproven, and unaccountable. They are clearly unconstitutional under the Pennsylvania Constituion. Public funds may not be appropriated for sectarian schools.

Parents who want their children to have a private education need to pay for this to make it necessary. People need to live within their means.

We continue to destroy community by supporting the economic segregation of good students from those who misbehave.
Absolutely not.

Not until private schools are held accountable to: the same mandates as public schools, the same financial disclosure, the same academic testing requirements and disclosure.

Competition forces unions to take pay cuts or freezes.

Corbet's plan to funnel tax payer money to private and religious schools is wrong. Public schools will still be required to educate all children and the non-public schools can select the lost cost children (who don't require special services)to educate. This will leave even less money for public schools to fulfill their legal duties and obligations. In the end taxpayers will end up paying twice for the same service and  the non-public schools often use non-trained and non-certified teachers.

See 1 and 4 (By the way, I question whether making "1" the least important in item 1 above is not an attempt to confuse. I almost missed it. I have never seen a ranking in which the number "1" was intended to represent the least important!!!!!!!)
Private education does not want us to control what they do. Editor-It was not intended to confuse, but your point is noted.

Schools need to be able to budget realistically and cannot do so when students flit in and out of the system and take money with them.

Actually, the Governor has yet to put forward a voucher plan.

The Plan is not defined--accountability standards for all schools and funding mechanism
support public schools fully and then there will not be a need for a voucher program

Fix our public schools, don't abandon them. Hold parents more accountable for their children's success or failure; teachers can only do so much.It is parents who make the difference. STOP subsidizing single-parent households.

I absolutely do not support the school voucher plan.  There are too many areas of concern that are not addressed in this issue.
Vouchers are one way to add competition and is the ultimate way to provide school choice. However, education needs to be monitored. I also support a "Regents" type testing program to ensure education is provided at the correct level. Monitoring will stop passing kids who can't read. A similar program to Hospital certification will keep "fly by night" academies honest.
This will decimate public schools, and special education.

The voucher plan may sound like a "gift" from the State for children of the lower socioeconomic strata of our society.  It is much easier to offer this "carrot" rather than fix the existing educational program.  To start, the funding mechanism for the existing program is unsustainable.  We are already seeing the "tip of the iceberg".  It has been shown that throwing more money at "education" does not result in a better outcome in terms of students who are not able to "measure up".
we have a commitment to public education.


PA: Schools, Universities or Balanced Budget?

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