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Urban Bird Treaty Grant in Existing Cities

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An Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds The Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds (Urban Bird Treaty) is a unique, collaborative effort between U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and participating U.S. cities,

bringing together private citizens, Federal, State, and municipal agencies, and non-governmental organizations to conserve migratory birds through a variety of actions including; education, conservation, and habitat improvement. Urban Bird Treaty Cities, in addition to working to conserve, protect and restore and enhance habitat, reduce bird hazards, and educate urban residents on the importance of migratory birds, cities and their partners will promote outdoor bird-related experiences, foster environmental education with a focus on birds, and build natural resource career development opportunities when possible. Partners work to increase awareness of the value of migratory birds and their habitats, especially for their intrinsic, ecological, recreational, and economic significance. Urban Bird Treaty cities and their partners develop and implement bird conservation projects and provide matching dollars and in-kind support. The Service provides financial challenge grants with a one to one match and technical assistance. FUNDING - Urban Bird Treaty Cities Challenge Grants. Based on a completive grants proposal process, chosen cities are awarded Service "challenge" grants.

The Urban Bird Treaty city is "challenged" to raise an amount equal to or greater than the amount of funds awarded by the Service. The matching support raised by the Urban Bird Treaty city must be of non-federal origin. Matches may consist of cash, "in-kind" contributions of goods and services from the Urban Bird Treaty city and its partners, or a combination of cash or in-kind donations from other institutions or businesses. The Urban Bird Treaty program offers a great deal of flexibility to incorporate the best combination of projects that are appropriate for the city and that will also have the greatest benefits to birds.

Application should be mailed to: Alicia F. King, National Coordinator, Urban Bird Treaty, 4401 Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA 22203 or emailed to: Alicia_F_King@fws.gov

    Document Type:       Grants Notice
    Funding Opportunity Number:     FWSMBR91011
    Opportunity Category:     Discretionary
    Posted Date:     Oct 05, 2010
    Creation Date:     Sep 29, 2010
    Original Closing Date for Applications:     Dec 06, 2010  
    Current Closing Date for Applications:     Dec 06, 2010  
    Archive Date:     Jan 05, 2011
    Funding Instrument Type:     Cooperative Agreement
    Category of Funding Activity:     Education
    Natural Resources
    Category Explanation:    
    Expected Number of Awards:     9
    Estimated Total Program Funding:     $90,000
    Award Ceiling:     $10,000
    Award Floor:     $5,000
    CFDA Number(s):     15.655  --  Migratory Bird Monitoring, Assessment and Conservation
    Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:     Yes

    Eligible Applicants

    City or township governments

For More Information:

Alicia F. King
National Coordinator
Urban Bird Treaty
Phone 703-358-2522


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